‘GPSmyCity’ – A new way to get piping hot travel tips

‘GPSmyCity’ have converted one of my articles onto their exciting new travel app. Try it out by:
1) Downloading the free app from iTunes here.
2) Searching for my ‘Top 3 Brunch Cafés in Russafa’ article
3) ‘Upgrading’ it for free (normally $1.99)! Available for 7 days.
How do you get your travel recommendations?
Some people use guidebooks, some people use the internet and some prefer good old fashion word-of-mouth.
Whatever your stance, smartphones have undoubtedly shifted the culture of travelling with access to thousands of recommendations in the palm of your hands. However, finding these recommendations can be time-consuming and accessing data on the move can rack up a hefty roaming bill.
What is ‘GPSmyCity’?
A new app called ‘GPSmyCity’ solves the data problem. It has a huge database of restaurant recommendations, walking tours and significant landmarks from over 600 cities. ‘Upgrading’ these  recommendations then automatically enters the GPS co-ordinates onto your phone’s map. You can create and follow your own virtual walking tour without needing internet connection.
Definitely worth a checking out.

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